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Terms and Conditions (Updated Jan. 2024)

Gifted Youth Terms and Conditions

(Updated January 2024)


Gifted Youth Music and Arts Studio - Terms and Conditions (Updated January 2024)

The following Terms and Conditions govern all lesson agreements between "Gifted Youth Music and Arts Studio" and its students, as well as the parents/caregivers of the students ("the pupil"). These terms have been crafted to ensure fairness for both Gifted Youth and its clients. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our families in adhering to these terms.

1. Teaching weeks and Holidays 1a. Teaching weeks at Gifted Youth align with the local school calendar, and the subscription price remains consistent regardless of holidays or variations in the number of days in a month. Missed lessons may be rescheduled during longer months.

2. Communications 2a. All important communication is sent via text and/or email. If any issues arise with these communication methods, please promptly inform Gifted Youth. 2b. The pupil and parent are responsible for ensuring that Gifted Youth has their up-to-date contact details. Failure to provide accurate information may result in missed communications, late payments, or missed lessons. Gifted Youth is not accountable for such instances. 2c. While we employ bulk delivery services for most communication via email, errors may occur. If any inaccuracies in lesson or account details are noticed, please notify us promptly for necessary rectification.

3. Timetabling of Lessons 3a. Prior to the commencement of lessons, the student/parent will receive the lesson day, time, and start date through phone, in-person, or email communication. Gifted Youth aims to confirm these details via email but may rely on alternative means if deemed appropriate. 3b. For site-based lessons, any changes to agreed lesson times or days will be communicated with as much advance notice as possible, and alternative arrangements will be established.

4. Absences 4a. In the event of missing a lesson without providing at least 18 hours' notice, no catch-up lesson or credit will be given, and the lesson will be considered forfeited. 4a.iii. Explained absences with a minimum of 18 hours' notice will be considered, and the student's tutor will arrange a replacement/catch-up lesson for up to two lessons per term. 4a.iv. Rescheduling should be done through the online portal on Opus as instructed. 4a.v. Managerial discretion may allow for customer credit for the value of a missed lesson, which is not transferable for cash but can be used conveniently in the following term's fees. If the student chooses not to avail these options, the lesson will be considered forfeited.

5. Group Lessons Due to the nature of group lessons, missed group lessons cannot be made up.

6. Canceling the Lesson Agreement 6a. If the student and/or parents wish to cancel lessons, a cancellation email with 30 days' notice must be received. Any payment made prior to cancellation is non-refundable. 6b. Verbal notice to the tutor will not be considered sufficient unless confirmed by email from Gifted Youth. 6c. Exceptions for immediate cancellations may be granted on medical grounds, subject to Gifted Youth's approval. 6d. In the event that Gifted Youth needs to cancel a lesson agreement, the pupil will be notified at least two weeks in advance, and any remaining prepaid lessons will be credited to the pupil's account. 6e. In exceptional circumstances, Gifted Youth may cancel the pupil's lesson immediately if there is property damage or harassment of staff, with no notice, credit, or refund provided for outstanding lessons.

7. Photography & Filming 7a. Gifted Youth may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes. 7b. If there are objections to the use of images, written notice must be provided by the student or their parents/guardians.

8. Changes to the Terms and Conditions 8a. Gifted Youth reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without notice. The most recent version will always be available on our website and can be emailed upon request.

9. Medical Release 9a. Unless otherwise indicated in writing, permission is granted to Gifted Youth and its operators to seek medical treatment for the participant if a parent or guardian cannot be reached. Parent/guardian must also provide written notice of any physical/mental conditions or restrictions.

10. Late Fee 10a. If payment for lessons is not received within 10 days after the due date indicated on the invoice, a late fee of $25 will be added to the outstanding amount, covering administrative costs and encouraging timely payments.

11. Liability 11a. By enrolling in Gifted Youth's programs, parents, legal guardians, and adult students fully waive any claims and release Gifted Youth and its owners, teachers, officers, agents, and employees from any illnesses, injuries, or damages resulting from participation in activities or classes associated with Gifted Youth. This includes, but is not limited to, illnesses such as COVID-19. Furthermore, the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Gifted Youth from any claims arising from such participation.

Refund Policy Gifted Youth Music and Arts Studio does not provide refunds for lessons. All payments made are non-refundable.

For any queries or clarifications regarding our terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Gifted Youth Music and Arts Studio

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